Muskie Fishing at Eagle Lake Sportsmen's Lodge


Eagle Lake is famous for its Canadian fishing as well as it's scenic beauty. It has 63,428 acres of water and more than 490 islands with many bays, channels, weed beds and drop-offs to explore during your Canadian fishing adventure. It's nearly 75 miles long and has over 400 miles of shoreline.

Fishing on Eagle Lake produces trophy fishing of all five major species throughout the season. Hook World Record Muskie, Walleye, Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike and both Lake Trout and Whitefish.

The Boats

Eagle Lake Sportsmen's Lodge Boats

Fishing is our passion too so we get that the boats need to be comfortable for your days out on the water. Our camp boats are 16', 17 1/2' and 18' aluminium boats. We offer a wide range of equipment rentals and have 20, 40 & 50 HP Yamaha motors. Upgrade to the Lund Outfitter with pedestal seats, raised flat non-skid floor, fish locator and more or bring your own boat, as we have a sheltered bay with private slips and electrical hook-ups available. (VIEW PICS)

With the portage to Clearwater Lake and the Trout Holes nearby, Lake Trout fishing is easy to get to. Make sure you bring a heavy action rod and a good level wind reel with 15-20lb test. You'll need every bit of it if you hook into a nice Laker...

Smallmouth Bass will surprise you with their strength and speed! Topwaters, spinners, even a crawler on a jighead are too tempting for the mighty bronzebacks.

Large Walleye

Eagle Lakes' healthy population of Walleyes make getting those eater-size for shorelunch and dinner easy. But don't stop there - there is also the chance at that once-in-a-lifetime fish for catch, photo, and release!

Northern's of all sizes can be found in just about any location on Eagle. Whether you are trying to hook an eater or trophy size fish, make sure you are holding on tight to your pole.

Catching a Muskie sometimes only happens once in a lifetime. And you probably won't catch a Muskie if you don't try - these majestic fish get big by being smart. There are only a few anglers who dare to take on the battle but hookin’ one is so sweet!

Smallmouth Bass on Eagle Lake

We also have portage boats on other area Canadian fishing lakes like Buzzard, Crabclaw (accessible from Eagle Lake by boat ride and short walk,and Teqqau, and we can take you on a four-wheel drive adventure other lakes making a trip you'll never forget. For the adventurous there are portages to other lakes connected to Eagle, such as One Mile, Clearwater, and Bass lakes.

Fly-outs are also available by previous arrangement, right from our dock.

No matter your fishing experience or adventure level, Vacation Memories are Made at Eagle Lake Sportsmen’s Lodge.

For current fishing regulations visit the Canada Ministry of Natural Resources

Remember: Catch, Photo and Release - CPR for Fish!

Fishing Seasons - 2021

Northern Pike Open Year Round
Walleye May 15
Trout January 1 to September 30
Muskie June 19
Smallmouth Bass Open Year Round
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Large Muskie caught at Eagle Lake Sportsmens Lodge Nice Walleye caught at Eagle Lake Sportsmens Lodge Walleye caught at Eagle Lake Sportsmens Lodge Large Smallmouth Bass caught at Eagle Lake Sportsmens Lodge Nice Walleye caught at Eagle Lake Sportsmens Lodge Walleye caught at Eagle Lake Sportsmens Lodge

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